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Evolving Resiliency Strategies Report

02/08/2022 5:04 PM | Chairman CPAC (Administrator)

BC Management has Published the Evolving Resiliency Strategies Report

The Evolving Resiliency Strategies Report highlights key findings and trends on achieving the right level of resilience management.  Within this report you’ll find data points highlighting what disruptions the program addresses when day-to-day management exceeds control, the executives who care most about the program and are involved in the governance committee, and what investment strategies are planned for 2022.


Interested in receiving a customized BCM Peer Resilience Management Dashboard for this study?  You may still participate (https://app.keysurvey.com/f/41589966/114b/) and request your customized dashboard once you submit your study response.



  • 65% of all respondents noted increased executive engagement in 2021.
  • 81% of organizations with mature programs were more likely to address operational resilience within their program compared to those with immature programs (65%).
  • 80% of respondents indicated that the Chief Information Security Officer cares most about the program (engaged or very engaged) followed by the Chief Risk Officer (77%).
  • 72% of resilience management programs address cyber attacks when the impact exceeds day-to-day leadership control, but what about credit and liquidity issues?  Only 14% address each of these issues.
  • 2022 investment strategies will be focused in technology resilience/recoverability and situational awareness/threat intelligence.

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