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11/18/2021 1:12 PM | Chairman CPAC (Administrator)

As we like to say here in North and South Carolina, "Happy Fall Y'All!" Fall is a wonderful time of year, and this year has been one of the most beautiful in memory. The brilliantly colored leaves contrasting with the beautiful evergreens are an amazing sight. Fall festivals, homecomings, and county fairs galore make for a wonderful season in the Carolinas., as the summer heat gives way to cool days and colder nights. It is a spectacular season of change as we head into the new year. 

Fall is also a season of change for your CPAC organization. This News/Blog post itself is one of several changes CPAC is looking to implement as we move forward in our 33rd year. Today I’ll share some additional and exciting changes CPAC has in store for you. 

If you are only a contact on the CPAC mailing list, I encourage you to make a change right now and become a member with benefits. Changes moving forward include implementation of fees to non-members for some events, services, and other offerings... Membership also includes voting rights for certain topics such a board representation, presentation topics, and other official business. Members receive CEUs for certification programs with DRII/BCI. There are many other benefits and your personal membership card will ensure you receive the most from your organization. Join Today! 

In an effort to expand our membership, the Board of Directors has engaged former CPAC board chair, David Shimberg in the role of "Advisor to the Board". David has a world of experience with the organization and will be a great ambassador to proclaim the benefits of membership with CPAC. David is working with board members through 2022 to engage in activities driving public relations and membership. We welcome David to this active role for CPAC. 

Here are some important and exciting things in store for CPAC members to look forward to and take action on: 

  • Board Nomination Email - Volunteer for an open board position by dedicating 10 hours or more per month to CPAC administration 

  • Board Voting Poll - An online poll of board position nominations and other organizational business you will definitely want to voice your support for as a voting member 

  • Fall Newsletter - An email newsletter to CPAC contacts for organizational updates and information 

  • Membership Renewal Notices - Members will receive automated notifications from our membership management system so be sure you renew within the deadline period to avoid losing access to member benefits including your website login, access to past presentations, membership card, and more 

  • Annual Report - The annual report will be documented by the board and circulated to members so that you may review the activities for 2021 

  • Guidance - Thinking selfishly about what you need CPAC to do for you, in terms of training or other resources and notifying a board member 

It is now time to nominate and elect your 2022 Board of Directors. Nominations can be made by sending an email to Be sure to include your name, business name, and attach your resume. Also identify your preferred and secondary board position you would like to volunteer for in 2022. Members have received an email notice for nominations that are due to be returned via email reply by 11/21/2021. Non-members will then receive notice on 11/22/2022 to fill any positions still remaining vacant. Board volunteers receive the benefit of additional CEUs for certification maintenance. Become a board volunteer today as there are several positions open for the 2022 board term that must be filled in order to keep the CPAC organization viable. 

Some additional and important changes will be happening as we move into 2022. The board will need help on subcommittees moving forward so keep that in mind and look for a notice coming your way in the new year. The organizational By-Laws are due to be updated and the newest version will be submitted to members for a vote.  There is now a non-profit requirement to file an Annual Report with the Secretary of State of North Carolina. Probably of most interest to all supporters, you will begin to see more CPAC activities take place electronically/virtually and may include more polls/votes to contribute to organizational activities. This includes maintaining virtual meetings into early 2022 as we continue to evaluate your interest in returning to "in person" events. The board is always open to your ideas and input to help improve the value of CPAC to our members so feel free to connect with or email any of our board members. 

CPAC has experienced challenges in membership enrollment and active participation for several years now and needs your help. Without members contributing to the organization, the viability of continuing services to the professional community is challenged and could result in the divestiture of our non-profit organization. It is critical that nominations be made this year into every open board position. Volunteers are needed to help us fulfill organizational tasks and execute on our programs and our mission to provide value to our members.  

Be on the lookout for an announcement  about a member referral program potentially providing you a reduced membership fee. As mentioned above, join now as a member to avoid missing out on information and events that become fee based. Share your professional experience by volunteering for announced subcommittees when participation is called. Expand your support by volunteering for a Board of Directors open vacancy in 2022. Most of all, enjoy the professional networking and experience of those that support CPAC.    

The 2021 year has been successful and extremely busy. Virtual work environments have provided challenges and ingenious solutions to proceed through the Information Age. Exciting events such as Event 201, Cyber Polygon, weather safety campaigns, National Preparedness and Cybersecurity months, and a host of other activities provided excellent professional opportunities. Trade conferences from DRJ continued virtually, though other conferences gave way to environmental challenges this year. CPAC meetings and networking events further enriched our professional experiences.  The Board of Directors thanks you for your support in 2021 and we look forward to an active and exciting year for CPAC in 2022. 

Thank You,

Chris Servia

CPAC Board Chairman

P. O. Box 34387

Charlotte, NC. 28234


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